Mold Damage Insurance Claims

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Mold thrives in hot and humid environments ie, Florida. Typically, when there is water damage there is mold damage that goes along with it. 

In contrary to popular belief mold cannot be killed with bleach and since it if a fungi it will only continue to grow until it is properly mitigated.

 In addition to the devastating damage mold can do to a property it also has damaging effects on a person’s respiratory system, some researcher even shows mold exposure can lead to asthma in young children.

The majority of insurance policy include a $10,000 coverage for mold remediation, and most mold remediation company with charge your insurance carrier directly with no out of pocket charges.

How A Public Adjuster For Mold Damage Can Help

Being that mold is a growth the majority of insurance carriers wont cover it as they claim it is long term damage rather then a sudden and accidental loss. When dealing with mold it is vital that you know what the actual cause of loss is, was it a leaking p-trap or hurricane damage to your roof that caused the leak.

A mold Damage Public Adjuster can help answer all your questions while taking the tiresome insurance claim process off your lap. At Grove Public Adjusting we believe in customer service and communication. You can expect to be kept in the loop every step of the way.