Flood Damage Insurance Claims

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Unlike regular insurance policy’s that typically includes coverages for all losses flood insurance needs to be purchased separately.

Flood insurance policy’s are very different then your normal homeowners insurance policy’s in what they do and do not cover.

Even a few inches of flood water can cause catastrophic damage to the flooring and anything touching the floor at the time of loss including all furniture, cabinets, and any other personal property.

How A Public Adjuster For Flood Damage Can Help

Flood policy’s are very specific in they do and do not cover and are unlike any other kinds damage loss. If as a homeowner who has filed a claim in the past you might think that what was covered under you regular policy will also be covered under you flood policy. In reality, flood insurance is a whole other animal and needs to be documented properly by someone specializes in flood damage. 

A flood damage public adjuster will use his expertise and experience to ensure you get a full and fair settlement for your flood damage insurance claim